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Spa Massages treatments

Massages treatments

Magnesium Wellness Treatment

60 min 94€

Magnesium increases healthy energy levels, good muscle function, sleep quality and overall well-being. This nourishing treatment uses the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels. The therapeutic experience is completed with healing hot stones and a full body massage.


Classic Swedish Massage

60 min 89€ / 90 min 120€

A full body massage using aromatherapy oils, designed to ease tension and provide a sense of well being and total relaxation. Also suitable for mums-to-be (not before 16 weeks of pregnancy).

Back, Neck & Shoulders

30 min 48€ / 45 min 65€

A massage focusing on the back, neck & shoulders. Strength and pressure adapted to your individual needs.

Scalp & Feet

30 min 48€ / 45  min 65€

A relaxing scalp massage with or without warm hydrating oil for the hair & scalp followed by a soothing lower leg and foot massage. A relaxing face massage is added to this treatment if you choose the 45 min option.

Legs & Feet

30 min 48€ / 45 min 65€

A reviving, soothing and cooling treatment after a long day on your feet.


Head, Neck & Shoulders

30 min 50€

An express treatment with lasting benefits treating tension and dry hair. Starting off with an aromatherapy sensory experience including an acupressure scalp exercise to clear the mind, promote relaxation and ease stiffness and pain. A pampering head, neck and shoulder massage with lavender oil and a cooling pine and menthol balm, helps promote sleep quality and relieve tension.

A Relaxing Face Massage can be added to this treatment +15 min +20€

Productos Kerstin Florian

We use KERSTIN FLORIAN products for SPA treatments.

All based on natural resources.

Our SPECIALISTS are certified to carry out treatments in the following areas:



Examination & NAPRAPATH treatment –  30 min 75€

Chilopratic adjustment (1st time requires a fzll examination) – 15 min 40€

Acupuncture – 30 min 65€

Sports Massage – 30 min 68€ / 60 min 115€


We will gladly arrange an appointment for a first

consultation where you will obtain general information

and an initial examination. Appointments can be made

at the Spa Reception.