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Massage Treatments

Full Body Massage

A relaxing full body massage using aromatherapy oils, designed to ease tension and provide a sense of well being and total relaxation. Also suitable for mums-to-be (not before 16 weeks of pregnancy).

60 min 85€

90 min 120€

Sport Massage

A customized massage to soothe strained muscle groups that may include all aspects of massage determined by each guest’s level of sport training. Massage combined with lymphatic drainage, stretching and deep kneading eases tension in tight muscles, stimulating healing and improving recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days.

30 min 68€
45 min 85€

60 min 115€

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage with therapeutic techniques that incorporates slow maneuvers of pressure to treat the deeper layers of muscle fibers. This massage will help you release chronic patterns of tension that create painful conditions.

60 min 115€

Bamboo Massage

Firm & Deep. This therapeutic enhancement will add to the holistic experience of massage & body treatments alike. The use of bamboo ensures healthy circulation, relief of muscle tension, deep relaxation and aids in detoxification. Bamboo is known to symbolize strength, fertility, youth, prosperity and peace.

60 min 95€

Back, Neck & Shoulders

A massage focusing on the back, neck & shoulders. Strength and pressure adapted to your individual needs.

30 min 48€

45 min 65€

Scalp & Feet

A relaxing scalp massage with or without warm hydrating oil for the hair & scalp followed by a soothing lower leg and foot massage. A relaxing face massage is added to this treatment if you choose the 45 min option.

30 min 48€

45 min 65€

Legs & Feet

A reviving, soothing and cooling treatment after a long day on your feet.

30 min 48€
45 min 65€

Our specialists are certified to carry out treatments in the following areas:

Sports therapy

Examination & NAPRAPATH treatment

30 min 75€

Chilopratic adjustment (1st time requires a full examination)

15 min 40€


30 min 65€

Sports Massage

30 min 68€
60 min 115€

Naprapathy / Phisioteraphy

We will gladly arrange an appointment for a first consultation where you will obtain general information and an initial examination. Appointments can be made at the Spa Reception.